What is a PR? Should you be proud of it?


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What is a PR?


You may hear the common acronym “PR” in the gym fairly often. PR stands for “Personal Record,” and can be relative to pretty much anything.


In CrossFit we are focused on performance improvements (times, reps, weights, etc.), and most relate PR’s to these results. For example, if you could do 15 Squats in 60 seconds 2 months ago, and you did 25 today, you have a new PR.


In reality, there are thousands of potential PR’s, many of which are not necessarily performance related. If you made the Committed Crew list (20+ classes in a month) or went down a belt loop, you have a new Personal Record.


PR Board


Should you be proud of it?


A common phrase we will hear when congratulating someone on a PR is, “But that’s nothing compared to what he/she did,” or “It’s only __ pounds,” or “It’s only 4 Double Unders.” A PR is not relative to others and that’s why they’re great. It’s a PERSONAL record! They’re all about YOU, and your own improvement.


When you get a PR, stand tall, tell others, and be proud that you are better than before. Our Reform community is super supportive, and if you tell anyone about your new PR, they will be proud with you!


We have our PR board at the gym for you to show pride in your accomplishments. Be sure to write on there. If you notice someone got a PR, high-five and congratulate them. We all know how great it feels, and it just may make someone’s day.