Wendler 5/3/1 Strength Program

Back Squat

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Get ready to get stronger!


We are constantly seeing great PR’s and new benchmark numbers for our athletes. We will now be able to use some of these numbers, and develop them a bit more. Building strength takes time, and must be paired with correct and consistent training, which is exactly what we will be doing.


Starting on Monday (Sep. 17th) we will be incorporating the Wendler 5/3/1 strength cycle into our weekly programming. Wendler 5/3/1 is a strength program focused around 4 core lifts: Back Squat, Shoulder Press, Deadlift, and Bench Press. We will perform one or two movements on a day, and use specific percentages of your 1RM for certain reps. Percentages will gradually increase as proficiency builds in each movement. A Wendler 5/3/1 cycle is 4 weeks long, and we will perform 2 cycles back-to-back, then re-test our 1RM’s.



Jiri Deadlift 465


This incorporation will not look much different than many current days. We will often combine a strength portion partnered with a conditioning WOD, or just incorporate a strength day. The biggest difference you will notice is a consistent percentage associated with the reps you are to perform. This is for optimal progression and development. We will perform these movements on M, T, Th, F if we don’t double some movements up together. We will change the order of movements each week for those that can only come specific days. As long as space and equipment permits, you are welcome to make up a movement you have missed before or after a class to stay on track.


To make everything much smoother, CLICK HERE, enter your CURRENT maxes, and it will generate all the numbers you will need for each lift for the next 4 weeks. Be sure to print it and bring with you every day.