Should I Sign Up For The Open?


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If you have been to the gym much in the last month, you have likely heard someone talking about the “Open.” The Open is a 5 week long, worldwide event for everyone.   Starting on Feb. 23rd, CrossFit HQ will release 1 workout per week on Thursdays and results must be posted the following Monday. Your scores will be added to the Leaderboard, and show how you rank within your gender, age, region, and the world. There is a great explanation of the Open HERE. To participate in the Open, you need to SIGN-UP and pay the $20 entrance fee.


So, “Should I sign up for the Open?”


In one basic and simple answer, “Yes!” You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.



Ralph Clean & Jerk Intramural Open


Every year some are reluctant to sign up. Some common responses are:


“I’m not good enough to do all the WODs as prescribed.”

Not a problem, and neither are many of the people in the world who participate. Even better, last year CrossFit introduced an Rx and Scaled version for every WOD, and depending on the WOD you could choose which level to do. Regardless, just like in every one of our classes, it’s not about the level that you do, but the effort put in that really matters.


“I don’t want to compete.”

The Open is a worldwide competition per se, but it is really a competition within yourself. It is about challenging yourself and leaning what you are really capable of. It is a way to truly test where you are currently, and where to focus moving forward. If something does not challenge you, it does not improve you.


“I don’t want to spend the $20.”

C’mon, really? Would you spend $20 to get your 1st Pull-up or Muscle-up, PR your Snatch, or finally string Double Unders in a WOD? Would you spend $20 to become more confident in yourself and your abilities? If this is honestly the reason why you would not sign up for the Open, come see me, and I will pay your entrance fee.



No reasons outweigh the positives that can come out of participating in the Open. Through the 5 weeks you can truly test yourself, help your intramural team, have fun, involve more in the community, see where you rank in the world, and know that you are a part of something bigger. What do you have to lose?