Shed & Shred Challenge

Beach WOD 2014 Group

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It is time for our second annual Shed & Shred Challenge. Summer is just around the corner and we want to help you get in swimsuit shape!


This will be very beneficial and we highly recommend it for EVERYONE in the gym, along with any friends or family that would like to participate. From someone who has never focused on their nutrition, to someone with lots of experience trying to perfect balance and intake specifically for their body.


A 30-day nutrition challenge focusing on quality and balance of food for optimum health and performance.  We will lecture on the Paleo, Zone and Whole 30 diets, and how to best incorporate them in your daily lifestyle.

We will be testing our body fat percentages through Hydrostatic Weighing (aka the Dunk Tank).  This is the Gold Standard of Body Composition testing and will give accurate accounts of your pounds and percentages of body fat and lean mass, along with your Resting Metabolic Rate.  This way you can truly see the organic change in your body, and not rely on the confusion of the scale.

Fitness Wave Dunk Tank

We will test at the beginning and the end of the challenge, and the participant with the greatest percent change of their body composition, will get a FREE month membership.  If you get a friend or family member from outside the gym to participate, and either of you win, you will both be granted a FREE month membership.


  • Lecture – Saturday, April 30th 12pm @CF Reform
  • Body Fat Testing (1st Test) – Monday, May 2nd @CF Reform
  • Shed & Shred Potluck – Friday, May 20th, 7pm @ CF Reform
  • Body Fat Testing (Re-Test) – Wednesday, June 1st @CF Reform
    *You will need to sign up for a test time prior to testing.
    *If unable to make either test, you will be allowed to test at their Irvine location.


$100 covering both tests (typically $60+ individually) and entry to challenge.
*Needs to be paid by testing on 5/2/16 and have signed up for a testing time slot.