Shed & Shred Challenge 2018

2016 Beach WOD

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It is time for our 4th annual Shed & Shred Challenge. Summer is just around the corner and we want to help you get in swimsuit shape!



Nutrition is the base of the pyramid for optimal health and performance, and without the right focus, can lead in the wrong direction.


Nutrition Chart


This challenge will be very beneficial and highly recommended for ANYONE needing focus and accountability with nutrition. We encourage grabbing your friends and family to participate, it only helps when others are doing it too!



A 6-week challenge focusing on commitment to nutrition and overall lifestyle.  We will lecture on nutrition, it’s effects on your body, and how to incorporate different types for your goals.


This year will have improved the challenge by adding multiple accountability aspects to keep you focused:

  • An accountability partner to keep you committed – it always helps to have someone to lean on

  • A point system to focus the most important areas daily – small goals are the way to a big goal

  • An online group with interaction, tips & help – we’re all in this together!

  • Prizes for winners and other side challenges – who doesn’t like winning something?



No more submerging under water!!!


We will be testing our body fat percentages through a high quality testing machine we now have on-site. The InBody composition analyzer is the most accurate, precise, and convenient method to measure body fat and muscle mass, among other metrics. This way you can truly see the organic change in your body, and not rely on the confusion of the scale, nor have a drowning sensation when testing.



InBody 270



  • Lecture – Saturday, May 19th 10:45am @CF Reform

  • Body Fat Testing (1st Test) – Thu 5/17 – Tue 5/22 @CF Reform

  • Body Fat Testing (Re-Test) – Thu 6/28 – Tue 7/3 @CF Reform

    *Schedule testing with a coach between allotted dates.

    *If unable to make lecture or either test, contact us and we will sort accordingly.



$100 covering both tests (typically $60+ individually) and entry to challenge.