Reform Barbell Club – NEW 6 week program

Reform Barbell Club

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In June we brought back our Reform Barbell Club, and a much improved version at that.  We dialed in the programming, instruction, class size, and structure for improvement in strength, technique, and efficiency. Our revamped Barbell Club gets results.  Participants saw multiple PR’s in different lifts, let alone immense improvements in confidence, technique, and efficiency.


Participants meet twice a week for 6 weeks, with their programming supplemental to the gym’s programming. We still recommend attending 2-3 classes per week in the gym, for optimal overall results. After the 6 week program, we will take a break for 6-8 weeks, and start another Barbell Club program, shifting focuses slightly.


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We are looking for small groups that are ready to focus and commit themselves to improving their barbell movements, especially the Olympic lifts. Each class is capped at 5 people, and will cost $100 for members, or $150 for non-members. The next Barbell Club will run from November 1st to December 8th and meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We will be offering classes at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm, and we will need at least 4 people signed up for a class to keep that time offered for a Barbell Club.  Currently the 5pm time slot is full.  If you are interested in a class time that is full, we can start a wait list.


You can reserve your spot by clicking the link below.