No-Sugar November (1000 Burpee Challenge)


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The holidays are coming, and it’s time to set good habits in motion.


It’s no surprise that the holidays are filled with sweets and treats, leading many of us to consume many more than ideal during this time. These actions often lead to other unhealthy decisions, sending us down a rabbit hole we try to crawl out in the new year.


Most of what we need during this time is accountability, to help us from indulging at every opportunity.


We have a great plan to keep from falling down deep: our No-Sugar November (1,000 Burpee Challenge).


It’s fairly simple, everyone participating commits to do 35 burpees a day in the month of November (leading to just over 1,000 burpees in the month), HOWEVER for every day you don’t consume sugar, you don’t owe any burpees.


The goal will be to perform the least amount of burpees possible in the month, unless you really love doing them ;).




Obviously the stricter you are, the better results you will see. Acceptable forms of sugar would be fruits and natural flavors, unacceptable would be added sugars, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, etc.


We will keep a board up at the gym with the names of everyone participating, and how many burpees they have completed.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in. We encourage you to get a friend to commit with you, as it is another huge accountability factor, and just makes it more fun.


Start spreading the word and find out who will commit with you!