New Site Launch

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Hey Reformers and our extended community. We are very proud to launch our awesome new website along with our blog to start of 2016 with a bang.

Our website will now have a much more expansive look at the different programs and offerings for our members at CrossFit Reform, along with more highlights and focuses of our community. There is now an Upcoming Events section under the “Community” tab, where you can check and see what fun we have coming in the future. Here you should find the info needed to plan accordingly for your favorite events and gatherings. There is also a Goatbuster’s section under the “Classes” tab, which will outline the upcoming Goatbuster seminars and their specific focuses. Along with the events, this can help you plan ahead accordingly to improve certain movement deficiencies.

We are also very excited about our blog, which we have wanted for our community for a long time. Here we will be able to help educate and provide more information to all Reformers as well as our extended community. We will inform on methodology, movement focuses and fixes, skill developments, nutrition, things going on within the gym, and much more. All blog entries will be great resources to help you get the most out of your health and fitness journey with us.

2016 is going to be an awesome year for all involved in the Reform community. Have a look out for our upcoming events for the year!

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Eric Conner