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New shirts

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We now have an awesome way to improve your wardrobe, and rep the Reform community at the same time.


We have partnered with MDI Apparel, the leading apparel provider for the CrossFit and fitness community. They specialize in offering a one stop shop for branded and customized apparel. All of the apparel is from the top quality companies Next Level Apparel and Bella Canvas, and fits comfortably. There are endless color, logo, and graphic combinations, as well as the ability to make your own from scratch.


You can select a pre-designed apparel item, choose the color, and select. If you would like to change the print colors, click “customize design” and play around. You can also add text, graphics or other logos to other areas on the item. If you would like to make a shirt from scratch, scroll to the bottom and follow the steps under “Design your own.”


The endless customization is great for team competitions, group gatherings, and other special events. Have fun!


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