Hydration & Working Out: 5 Tips to Stay Safe

Jeff Row

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Unfortunately it can get pretty hot at times, especially in the summer months. Focus on these 5 tips to help stay safe during the heat.

1. STAY HYDRATED! The biggest issue we typically see is that people think hydration starts a few hours before activity. It actually starts multiple days prior.

1a. Upon waking up drink a full glass of water to set your system right from the start.

1b. General recommendation of daily water intake is 1/2 to 2/3 of your bodyweight in ounces of water. That would be 117oz of water for a 175lb. person!


2. Eliminate the bad. Stay away from things that dehydrate you. Alcohol, soda, coffee, and energy/pre-workout drinks make you more dehydrated. Typically to reverse the effects you need 2x that amount in water.


3. Learn your symptoms. Slow down and/or sit down if you are working out and feeling light headed or a headache. This can often be from dehydration. Let a coach know if you are feeling these effects.


4. Keep consistent. One healthy decision typically leads to other healthy decisions.  Still get to the gym if it’s in your regular schedule. Everything is modifiable and CrossFit is about training for life. Unfortunately it gets hot in California, and you will still have to perform daily tasks and function well enough.


5.  Consume electrolytes after working out. Proper hydration post-workout can help muscular recovery, while reducing potential risks of Rhabdo and other effects. We have two great electrolyte replacements at the gym, Coconut Water and Rehydrate. Try mixing Coconut Water with your post-workout recovery protein for a tasty treat!


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