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There’s no better feeling than giving to others in need.


Just as in years past, we will be joining our friends at Aliso CrossFit for the 4th annual Hike For Hunger.  This is an opportunity to feed the hungry, CrossFit style!  Fill a backpack with non-perishable food and hike with us to the Laguna Food Pantry.


Hike For Hunger



We begin the event at Aliso CrossFit, wearing our backpacks full of donations, and hike 5 miles through the “Aliso & Wood Canyon Wilderness Park” to finish at the Laguna Food Pantry.  The more the merrier! The success of this event is based on the amount of mouths we are able to feed so SPREAD THE WORD and join us for a fun day of sunshine, exercise and helping others.  The hike takes about 2-3 hours, and little ones may need to be carried at times, so be prepared.


There will be an Open Gym from 8-10am on Saturday for those unable to make it to the hike.  There will be no classes Saturday.


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