Hero Week


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Memorial Day is much more than a day off work to drink and BBQ. It is a day to reflect and remember those who have served and sacrificed for our freedom.


It is very common for CrossFit gyms to perform a Hero WOD on Memorial Day, with many performing “Murph.” It is an amazing way to bring the community together to memorialize those who have died in action, and served for our country.


Foo Hero WOD


Every year, to commemorate Memorial Day, we do a “Hero Week” to honor fallen servicemen and women. We perform a Hero WOD each day for the entire week. We start with our Memorial Day “Murph,” and follow it with varying Hero WODs throughout the week to honor others who have given their lives for our health, safety and freedom.


Our Hero Week is far from easy, but helps our community express gratitude and appreciation in a way we are able. Get ready, Hero Week is just around the corner!