Friday Night Lights

Sarah Thruster Open

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Through the 5 weeks of the Open, our Friday afternoon class times will be super fun and full of energy. Instead of regular classes, we will be having our “Friday Night Lights.” From 4-7pm members will sign up for “heat times” for when their WOD will start. You will warm up on your own, and need to be ready to WOD at your heat time. Heat times will be posted Thursday night via the member’s Facebook page after watching the WOD presentation. The gym will be open by 3pm for anyone needing to arrive early and prepare accordingly. We ask all people to also be ready to help judge other athletes as all Open participants must be judged to submit their scores.
If you have not been to a “Friday Night Lights” it is HIGHLY recommended that you make it out to some or all. There is a crazy amount of energy, positivity and effort on display and the more that attend the better it gets. Everyone works hard and supports each other throughout. What could be better than that?


The point system for the Intramural Open has been made so that the teams with consistent attendance and great team spirit will win out in the long run, and much of the spirit is seen at “Friday Night Lights.” Even though the gym is broken up into teams, don’t forget the overall big picture at hand. We, the Reform community, will become a bigger and better team through it.




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