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Event Information



The gym will be open by 7am.  If you are in heat 1 or 2, you will want to be here early to warm-up accordingly as the 1st heat will start at 8am.  All teams should arrive no later than 7:30am, to check in and sign up for your floater time.  We will do a briefing for the Floater and WOD “Grip Chip” at 7:40am.



A link to our heat list/times is here: link




The floater “Max Clean & Jerk” will begin at 8:30am and end at 11:15am.   Heat times for this will be every 12 minutes, and you must sign up for a time when you arrive in the morning, or at the gym prior.  There will be only 2 spots for every 12 min time frame, so plan accordingly.  Be aware of when you will be judging as well (see below).


Double Dare 2



Everyone participating will help out with judging.  It will not be difficult, you will just need to be aware of the standards of the movements, and count for the team when it is done correctly, and not count when done incorrectly.  You will judge the heat after your heat (ie, I’m in heat 2, I will stay after and judge a group in heat 3).  If you are in heat 5, you will judge heat 1, so be ready to judge at 8am.



Be sure to bring anything you may need (food/snacks, drinks, supplements, gear etc).  We will not be providing food (except what we already offer at the gym).  Also our very own Dr. Jorge Guevara will be setting up to treat all the athletes or any family and friends that may be attending.  If you haven’t seen him yet, be sure to check him out.


*If everyone arrives on time and things run smoothly, we will be done with all heats and the awards ceremony before noon.  After it all, we will have some champagne or sparkling cider and cheers to a great 3rd year!  Get ready to have some fun!!