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2017 Double Dare Brief

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Event Information



The gym will be open by 7am.  Everyone should be here by 7:30am for WOD 1 & 2 briefing.  The first heat will start at 8:00am, and all teams should be ready to workout or judge then.  Be sure to show up before 7:30am if you may need more time to warm-up or prep.



7:00am – Doors Open

7:30am – WOD 1 & 2 briefing

8:00am – Heat 1 (WOD 1 & 2)

8:14am – Heat 2 (WOD 1 & 2)

8:28am – Heat 3 (WOD 1 & 2)

8:42am – Heat 4 (WOD 1 & 2)

8:56am – Heat 5 (WOD 1 & 2)

9:10am – Heat 6 (WOD 1 & 2)

9:30-10:00am – Group Pic/WOD 3 brief

10:00am – Heat 1 (WOD 3)

10:20am – Heat 2 (WOD 3)

10:40am – Heat 3 (WOD 3)

11:00am – Heat 4 (WOD 3)

11:20-11:30am – Finalize Results

11:30-12pm – Podium, Legacy Gifts, Champagne, Bingo Raffle


Heat times by team



2017 Double Dare Group



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Everyone participating will help out with judging.  It will not be difficult, you will just need to be aware of the standards of the movements, count for the team when done correctly, and not count when done incorrectly.  You will judge the heat after your team finishes.  If you are in heat 5 (8:56am), you will be judging the 1st heat, so be ready at the start.



Be sure to bring anything you may need (food/snacks, supplements, gear, etc.). We will not be providing food (except what we already offer at the gym).  Bring any family or friends that may want to spectate or cheer you on.