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We are constantly aware of the interests of our community, and are working to implement them wherever possible. We only stock products that we truly believe in, will benefit the members and business, and that we consume ourselves. Thus, we are happy to add a top quality Cold Brew Coffee and FitAID recovery drink to the mix.




Cold Brew


We did a test run for our Cold Brew Coffee and could barely keep it on the shelves. Cold Brew is rapidly becoming more popular, and especially a favorite for people with stomach problems. Regular hot coffee can upset some stomachs, but cold brew’s milder pH gives it a sweeter taste and more complex overall flavor. The brewing method consists of steeping coffee grounds for extended periods of time (up to 24 hours), then straining it and serving it cold.


Our Cold Brew Coffee will be made in-house, and our fresh-roasted specialty coffee will be supplied by RSM-based PLB Coffee. They do an amazing job of making a very smooth and flavorful coffee, and you are giving back every time you buy. A portion of their proceeds are donated to charities to help children and families in need.


Cold Brew can be picked up in the fridge behind the front desk for $3.50.






We have been interested in stocking FitAID for some time (along with many requests), and finally decided to pull the trigger. It has had a strong reputation for years in the CrossFit community, and its brand has only grown and evolved from there.


FitAID is not an energy drink; it’s considered a “Performance & Recovery” drink. It was created with the CrossFit athlete in mind, working all different aspects of fitness and pushing their limits. It provides the optimal supplements needed for training and recovery, is paleo friendly, gluten free, 100% natural, and has a tasty citrus flavor.


CLICK HERE for a CrossFitter’s product review on FitAID.


FitAID can be picked up in the fridge behind the front desk for $3, or you can purchase a case (24 cans) for $60.


FitAID diagram