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Programming Focus and Upcoming Event

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The past month we spent time focusing on developing basic strength and played with odd objects in our workouts. It was a refreshing break after the Open and we had a lot of great feedback on the programming. Going forward, you can expect to see a continuation of the Basic Strength days at the end … Continue reading Programming Focus and Upcoming Event


Coach Dan & Coach Ashley

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As many of you may have heard, in the next few weeks, Coach Dan (Thurs. 5/2) and Coach Ashley (Fri. 5/17) will be coaching their last classes. They are both at times in their lives where this is best for them, their families, and their futures.   Coach Dan, Coach Ashley, and Coach Miranda all … Continue reading Coach Dan & Coach Ashley


What Kind of Day Are You Having?

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When it comes to working out, there are a four types of days you’ll see here at CrossFit Reform. It can easily be compared to a dinner plate and I’ll use that analogy going forward.   The main bulk of your days in the gym are what I’ll call “practice days.” These are the meat … Continue reading What Kind of Day Are You Having?


2019 Shed & Shred Challenge

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It is time for our 5th annual Shed & Shred Challenge. Summer is just around the corner and we want to help you get on track! Nutrition is the base of the pyramid for optimal health and performance, and without the right focus, can lead in the wrong direction. WHO? This challenge will be very … Continue reading 2019 Shed & Shred Challenge


What To Do After the Open?

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It may feel like 5 weeks was a lifetime ago but we successfully made it through the 2019 Open! There were lots of awesome moments of celebration, as well as some moments of frustration. The Open is a fun time of the year to test our abilities and possibly expose skills that need work. But, what do … Continue reading What To Do After the Open?

Intramural Open Row

2019 CrossFit Open

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The Open is here again!!!   Every year CrossFit HQ puts on a worldwide competition for the masses called the CrossFit Open. They post one workout each week for five weeks, most gyms program that for their community to perform, and participants submit their scores to a worldwide leaderboard. The highest performers over the five weeks are invited … Continue reading 2019 CrossFit Open

Bright Spots

Why “Bright Spots”?

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We have a term that that you may have heard around the gym recently: “Bright Spots.”   We talk about them in everyday conversations; discuss them in Goal Reviews and check-ins with members; and post about them on Fridays in our Facebook Members Group.   “Bright Spots” are something positive, regardless of how big or … Continue reading Why “Bright Spots”?

Everharts Christmas

2018 Holiday Class Schedule

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The holidays are here! Below is our class schedule for the 2018 holidays.   Monday, Dec. 24th – Christmas Eve 7am 8:15am 9:30am   Tuesday, Dec. 25th – Christmas Day CLOSED   Wednesday, Dec. 26th 7am 8:15am 9:30am   Monday, Dec. 31st – New Years Eve Regular Schedule (except no 7pm class)   Tuesday, Jan. 1st … Continue reading 2018 Holiday Class Schedule


Barbell Club

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As many of you have seen, our members have been having an awesome time and great success with our Barbell Club. Participants have made huge improvements on their olympic lifting during our 6-week courses over the past year. For 2019, we want to make Barbell Club even better. Starting in 2019 we will have Barbell … Continue reading Barbell Club


I’ll just wait until the new year

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“I’ll just wait until the new year.”   It’s a common phrase we hear in a gym setting all the time.   The real response to this is simply, “Why?”   It’s common to find it difficult to commit to something when the time isn’t “perfect,” especially around the holidays.   Family comes into town, … Continue reading I’ll just wait until the new year