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Reform Barbell Club

Reform Barbell Club – New 6 Week Cycle

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We have a new 6 week cycle of the Reform Barbell Club starting soon!   The Reform Barbell Club is set up for success for all participants. We have dialed in the programming, instruction, class size, and structure for true improvement in strength, technique, and efficiency. Our revamped Barbell Club is designed to get the … Continue reading Reform Barbell Club – New 6 Week Cycle

Double Dare 2016 briefing

Double Dare Event Info

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Event Information   ARRIVAL The gym will be open by 7am.  Everyone should be here by 7:30am for WOD 1 briefing, and picking of other partners.  The first heat will start at 8:20am, will likely involve all scaled participants, and maybe 1 Rx team.  Be sure to show up before 7:30am if you may need … Continue reading Double Dare Event Info


August Newsletter!

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4th Annual Double Dare – Sat Aug 5th CrossFit Reform is so excited to be celebrating our 4-year anniversary with all of you this Saturday August 5th at 8am! There is still time to sign up for the Double Dare competition. You can sign you and your partner up on the bottom of the “PR” … Continue reading August Newsletter!

Rico Double Dare

2017 Double Dare WODs

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Our 4th annual Double Dare Anniversary Partner Competition WODs are below.  Double Dare is put together to have a good time and celebrate what an awesome community we have.  The WODs and levels are designed for everyone in the gym to participate, so grab your partner decide which level is best for your team to … Continue reading 2017 Double Dare WODs

2016 Double Dare Group

4th Anniversary Double Dare Competition

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COME CELEBRATE WITH US!!  Every year we have so much fun celebrating our anniversary with everyone.  We will be holding our 4th annual Double Dare in-house partner competition, and this year it will have a slight twist!  Double Dare is put together to have a good time and celebrate what an awesome community we have. … Continue reading 4th Anniversary Double Dare Competition

Barbell Group

Olympic Lifting Seminar

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Have you wanted to improve your Olympic Lifts, and possibly been unable to attend our 6 week Barbell Club?  We will be holding an Olympic Lifting Seminar on Saturday, July 22nd from 12-3pm.     We will be working on techniques, developments, and progressions in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  The seminar will be … Continue reading Olympic Lifting Seminar

New shirts


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WE HAVE A NEW WAY TO REP OUR BOX!  We have partnered with ThreadMVMT, an awesome way to order specialized CrossFit Reform shirts without the hassle of bulk and pre-ordering.  The shirts are all the same high quality fitted shirts we have had in the past.   There are multiple color and style options for … Continue reading NEW SHIRTS!!!

2016 Beach WOD

Shed & Shred Challenge 2017

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It is time for our 3rd annual Shed & Shred Challenge. Summer is just around the corner and we want to help you get in swimsuit shape! WHO? This will be very beneficial and we highly recommend it for EVERYONE in the gym, along with any outside friends or family that would like to participate. From … Continue reading Shed & Shred Challenge 2017

Team Keith Jersey Shore

2017 Intramural Open Winners

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Our 2017 Intramural Open is officially over, and we would like to congratulate the members of Team Keith, aka “50 Shades of Whey,” as the winners.  It was a hard fought battle all the way through, but Team Keith’s consistent attendance is what helped push them through the finish line.   The Open season is arguably … Continue reading 2017 Intramural Open Winners


Weekly Intramural Update 17.5

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It’s officially over! You made it through 5 weeks and 5 equally tough workouts. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s Open season. The final workout was no surprise that thrusters were involved but to pair them with double unders meant no rest for the heart rate. Thank you to everyone who came out … Continue reading Weekly Intramural Update 17.5