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2016 Beach WOD

Shed & Shred Challenge 2017

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It is time for our 3rd annual Shed & Shred Challenge. Summer is just around the corner and we want to help you get in swimsuit shape! WHO? This will be very beneficial and we highly recommend it for EVERYONE in the gym, along with any outside friends or family that would like to participate. From … Continue reading Shed & Shred Challenge 2017

Team Keith Jersey Shore

2017 Intramural Open Winners

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Our 2017 Intramural Open is officially over, and we would like to congratulate the members of Team Keith, aka “50 Shades of Whey,” as the winners.  It was a hard fought battle all the way through, but Team Keith’s consistent attendance is what helped push them through the finish line.   The Open season is arguably … Continue reading 2017 Intramural Open Winners


Weekly Intramural Update 17.5

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It’s officially over! You made it through 5 weeks and 5 equally tough workouts. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s Open season. The final workout was no surprise that thrusters were involved but to pair them with double unders meant no rest for the heart rate. Thank you to everyone who came out … Continue reading Weekly Intramural Update 17.5


Weekly Intramural Update 17.4

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The Open is close to the end and of course there has to be a repeat WOD. 17.4 was 16.4 and everyone got a reminder of how their fitness has improved over the last year. 55 reps of four movements is a lot to accomplish in 13 minutes so every rep was important for your … Continue reading Weekly Intramural Update 17.4

Reform Barbell Club

Reform Barbell Club – New 6 Week Cycle

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We have a new 6 week cycle of the Reform Barbell Club starting soon!   The Reform Barbell Club is set up for success for all participants. We have dialed in the programming, instruction, class size, and structure for true improvement in strength, technique, and efficiency. Our revamped Barbell Club is designed to get the … Continue reading Reform Barbell Club – New 6 Week Cycle


Weekly Intramural Update 17.3

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Another week down and another great week of Friday Night Lights. Once we finally figured out what Dave Castro was trying to explain we were able to start the workout. Chest to bars and snatches that got progressively heavier proved to be a tough combo for a lot of people. The 8 minute time cap … Continue reading Weekly Intramural Update 17.3

Bowling Group

Post Open Bowling

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To celebrate the end of the CrossFit Open, we will be bonding with bowling and fun at Forest Lanes in Lake Forest. This is a different location from last year. Friends and family are welcome but please let us know ahead of time how many additional people will bowl. This is so we can reserve … Continue reading Post Open Bowling


Weekly Intramural Update 17.2

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We thought we were done with the dumbbell but then Castro did the unthinkable. TWO DUMBBELLS! With a pair of triples and a short time cap it was an exciting workout to watch and participate in. Some athletes got their first pull ups and some even got their first muscle up so huge shout out … Continue reading Weekly Intramural Update 17.2


Weekly Intramural Update 17.1

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The Open is finally here, and 17.1 greeted us with 2 new movements never seen in the Open: the dumbbell snatch and the burpee box jump over. Both are taxing in different ways, and put them together and you can get something pretty nasty. It’s never good if a workout gives you the “Fran lungs” … Continue reading Weekly Intramural Update 17.1


Should I Sign Up For The Open?

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If you have been to the gym much in the last month, you have likely heard someone talking about the “Open.” The Open is a 5 week long, worldwide event for everyone.   Starting on Feb. 23rd, CrossFit HQ will release 1 workout per week on Thursdays and results must be posted the following Monday. Your scores … Continue reading Should I Sign Up For The Open?