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2017 Double Dare Brief

Double Dare Event Info

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Event Information   ARRIVAL The gym will be open by 7am.  Everyone should be here by 7:30am for WOD 1 & 2 briefing.  The first heat will start at 8:00am, and all teams should be ready to workout or judge then.  Be sure to show up before 7:30am if you may need more time to … Continue reading Double Dare Event Info

Double Dare

2018 Double Dare WODs

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Our 5th annual Double Dare Anniversary Partner Competition WODs are below. Double Dare is put together to have a good time and celebrate what an awesome community we have.  The WODs and levels are designed for everyone in the gym to participate, so grab your partner decide which level is best. There is no cost … Continue reading 2018 Double Dare WODs

Kelly Deadlift

Goal Reviews

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish,” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery.   We all have goals, and/or something we are hoping to achieve, especially in health and fitness. It could be to lose weight, participate in an adventure race, or live a longer and fuller life. In our No-Sweat Intro, we discuss your … Continue reading Goal Reviews


What is a No-Sweat Intro?

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At CrossFit Reform we are focused on helping you achieve your goals in the best way possible.   Part of what makes us different from every other gym is how we start and care for our members. Everyone starts at a different place, and getting to know you is important for us to help in … Continue reading What is a No-Sweat Intro?

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Reform BINGO

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We something super fun going on in the gym for the month of July, Reform BINGO!   Reform BINGO is just like regular Bingo, but with a fun twist. Each card has multiple different physical, social, and fun tasks which will be crossed off once accomplished. If you get five in a row, up and … Continue reading Reform BINGO

New shirts

NEW Reform Apparel Site!

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We now have an awesome way to improve your wardrobe, and rep the Reform community at the same time.   We have partnered with MDI Apparel, the leading apparel provider for the CrossFit and fitness community. They specialize in offering a one stop shop for branded and customized apparel. All of the apparel is from … Continue reading NEW Reform Apparel Site!

2017 Double Dare Group

5th Anniversary Double Dare Celebration

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COME CELEBRATE WITH US!!  Every year we have so much fun celebrating our anniversary with everyone.  We will be holding our 5th annual Double Dare in-house partner competition!  Double Dare is put together to have a good time and celebrate what an awesome community we have.  The WODs and levels are designed for everyone in … Continue reading 5th Anniversary Double Dare Celebration



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On Saturday, June 9th we will be hosting a charity event in support of Integrated Recovery Foundation’s Operation 22 MST, founded by Reformer Ron Gellis.   MST stands for Military Sexual Trauma, and sadly, is more common than you may think.   1 in 4 women in the military experience MST, with most assaulted more … Continue reading CHARITY EVENT: Operation 22 MST


Faith Works Ministry

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Starting on Sunday, June 3rd CrossFit Reform will be the host site for Faith Works Ministry’s Orange County chapter.   Faith Works Ministry’s mission is to “Inspire Strength in your Mind, Body and Spirit.” They achieve this by integrating physical fitness into worship.   Faith. Fitness. Food.     Faith Works Ministry will meet the … Continue reading Faith Works Ministry


Hero Week

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Memorial Day is much more than a day off work to drink and BBQ. It is a day to reflect and remember those who have served and sacrificed for our freedom.   It is very common for CrossFit gyms to perform a Hero WOD on Memorial Day, with many performing “Murph.” It is an amazing … Continue reading Hero Week