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Weekly Intramural Update 16.2

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16.2 brought the heavy weight, but not without earning it through a high volume of Toes-to-Bar and some Double Unders. Those who were able to move through those two movements, were then met with the Squat Clean, which is never an easy task for the body or lungs. If able to complete a certain amount … Continue reading Weekly Intramural Update 16.2

Weekly Intramural Update 16.1

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March 2 Weekly Intramural Update 16.1 The 2016 Open is finally here, and for the next 5 weeks will bring lots of suspense, anticipation, surprises and fun! Last year, for our 1st Intramural Open, we had 58 members signed-up; this year we topped that with 76 members signed-up! While the Open is a worldwide competition, … Continue reading Weekly Intramural Update 16.1