2018 Double Dare WODs

Double Dare

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Our 5th annual Double Dare Anniversary Partner Competition WODs are below. Double Dare is put together to have a good time and celebrate what an awesome community we have.  The WODs and levels are designed for everyone in the gym to participate, so grab your partner decide which level is best. There is no cost to participate, we just want to celebrate with as much of our community as possible.  Be sure to sign your team up at the bottom of the PR board at the gym.  More event details will be released the week of the event.


WOD 1 “1RM Squat Clean Thruster”

Rx & Scaled:

6 min to find 1RM Squat Clean Thruster


*Bar comes from the ground.

*Rx level must perform Squat Clean Thruster, Scaled level may perform Squat Clean Thruster or Power Clean then Thruster.

*Bar must be pressed out; Push Jerk is not permitted.

*Both athletes must finish their lifts within 6 min clock.

*Score is total weight of both maxes added together.


WOD 2 “Double Duty Fran” 



Pull-up (Scaled = Ring Rows)

Bike Calories


Rx: 65/43#, 95/63#, 115/73#

Scaled: 43/33#, 63/43#, 83/53#


*1 person works at a time, switching whenever.

*Thruster weight increases each set.

*12 min time cap if not completed.

*WOD 2 starts 2 min after WOD 1 finishes.


Christina Double Dare


WOD 3 “Nifty Fifty”

50 Row Calories

50 Burpees

50 Box Jump Overs

50 DB Snatch

50 Box Jump Overs

50 Burpees

50 Row Calories


Rx: 24/20″ Box, 50/35# DB

Scaled: 20/16″ Box (Step-ups ok), 35/20# DB


*1 person works at a time, switching whenever.

*15 min time cap if not completed.


NOTE: This competition is for ALL LEVELS in the gym.  Modifications may be provided beyond the Scaled level if needed.


More info about 2018 Double Dare