2018 CrossFit Open


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Last year we had more than 80 members sign-up for the CrossFit Open, a worldwide competition held at our home box. It was a great time for all members in the gym, especially those that participated. Everyone was challenged and got outside their comfort zones, with many accomplishing tasks they never thought possible.   There was great energy, camaraderie, support and fun throughout the gym at this time.


The greatest part is that it involved EVERYONE in the gym, and was a fun community event.


We will be having a great time together again this year. Details for our 2018 CrossFit Open are below.


Open 16.5 Dave support




Every Thursday at 5pm, starting Feb. 22nd, CrossFit HQ will announce the Open WOD and have Games athletes perform the WOD immediately. We will have that WOD programmed as our class WOD all day Friday, along with our special “Friday Night Lights” during afternoon classes. This will be the best time to attend and participate if possible.

If not able to perform them on Friday, you will have an option to make it up on Sunday or Monday at Open Gym times. Sunday Open Gym is 10-11:30am and Monday Open Gym is 10:30am-noon.  Due to equipment, class size, and judging we will ask not to perform the Open WODs during class times other than Fridays.



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The weekend before each of our Open WODs we will put out a theme for the next week. Plan to dress up to support the theme during our “Friday Night Lights.” We will have a vote for the member who was the most spirited for the week, and there will be prizes accordingly. There may be something special for those spirit winners when the Open finishes.