2017 Nutrition Revamp

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The holidays often bring relaxed decisions when it comes to our health. It’s time to get focused on our nutrition, getting to the gym, and starting the New Year right.


Over the years of working with athletes of all levels and abilities, we have found multiple nutrition options for optimum health and performance. Typically we select one, and focus a lecture and nutrition group around that option. This time, we will give info on each, and you have the option to choose.


3 options to choose from:

  1. 24 Day Challenge – Cleanse & full Metabolic Nutrition System

  2. Zone – Balance of macros for all types of food

  3. Whole 30/Paleo – Focus on quality of food




OPTION 1: 24 Day Challenge participants will receive:

  • Cleanse
  • Multivitamin Pack
  • Meal Replacement shakes
  • Fish Oils
  • Spark energy
  • Optional Add-ons: Catalyst (amino acids), ThermoPlus (dietary supplement)
  • Before and after measurements and photos


COST: $200 + Optional Add-ons

*Get order to coaches by Jan. 2, or else you may start a few days behind.


whole 30 salmon


OPTION 2 & 3: Zone or Whole 30/Paleo participants

  • Weekly accountability meetings
  • Hands on cooking class (3 hours)
  • Before and after measurements and photos
  • Field trip: eating healthy when out
  • Lots of support


COST: $99

*Capped at 20 people

*Must sign-up for cooking class and meeting times



We will have a Nutrition Lecture on Saturday, Jan. 7th at noon. We will be outlining the different options to choose from, taking measurements, photos, and signing up for cooking class and meetings. Be sure to come to the meeting if you are on the fence.


Official start date is on Monday Jan. 9th