2017 Intramural Open

Intramural Open Row

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Last year we had more than 80 members sign-up for the CrossFit Open, a worldwide competition held at our home box. It was a great time for all members in the gym, especially those that participated. Everyone was challenged and got outside their comfort zones, with many accomplishing tasks they never thought possible.   There was more great energy, camaraderie, support and fun throughout the gym at this time.


The greatest part everything is that it involved EVERYONE in the gym.


Just the Kip team photo


We all know how difficult it is to do things alone, especially fitness. It can be a struggle to stay focused, motivated and pushing yourself to the best you can be. This is likely one reason why you are involved with CrossFit Reform: for the constant challenge, improvement, and extra push you need when it all gets tough. For that kick in the butt to get back to the gym when you may have taken a few too many days off. We will all be a part of something bigger, this year will be our 3rd annual Intramural Open.


For the Intramural Open, the gym will be divided into 3 teams, each with a designated Captain. Each team captain will be making a private Facebook group for their team to be able to communicate and collaborate together.


Our captains are chosen because they are FUN, not because they may be the fittest, fastest or strongest. Their overall goal is to make this a fun and positive experience for everyone involved in their team, and our community as a whole.


Open 16.5 Dave support



We will do a randomized Draft to sort the teams. Every current member in the gym will be involved, whether signed up for the Open or not. Competitive athletes have been distributed accordingly through each team, along with everyone else drawn from a hat to finish out the teams.


  • Adrienne Monroe
  • Aimee Hale
  • Aman Hancock
  • Ashley Dlab
  • Ashley Ladd
  • Ashley Pitkin
  • Brandon Hughes
  • Bret Williams
  • Chuck Norris
  • Corey Smith
  • David Lautenschlager
  • David Nguyen
  • David Tuttle
  • Diane Garner
  • Emily San Jose
  • Erik Solsvik
  • Eryk Escobar
  • Hamed Makhmoor
  • Henry Hancock
  • Jack White
  • Janelle Caldwell
  • Jason Gillham
  • Jeff Cusick
  • Jen Everhart
  • Jen Hahn
  • Jill Pennington
  • Jiri Dlab Sr.
  • John Stewart
  • Jolene Mieke
  • Jose Arreola
  • Kathie Barney
  • Kelly Mroz
  • Kevin Casenhiser
  • Kia Pacek
  • Lianne Sibell
  • Lyn Wrigley
  • Mac Tedford
  • Maria Wieczorek
  • Mariana Loro
  • Marilyn Murray
  • Mary Kay Bader
  • Mike Williams
  • Pat Marshall
  • Paul Bihari
  • Ravyn Huerta
  • Raymond Reed
  • Richard Gergely
  • Rochelle Fluegge
  • Ron Gellis
  • Ryan Lehman
  • Sean Holmes
  • Steph Haden
  • Tamara Muslin
  • Tim Shilz
  • Tina Higuera
  • Yuka Ezawa
  • Zaid Ali

  • Andrew Patterson
  • Anthony Spezza
  • Anthony Troccoli
  • Brent Arnold
  • Brian Short
  • Candace Ward
  • Carolyn Howland
  • Clinton Gray
  • Cole Cutcher
  • Cura Hume
  • David Nunziato
  • Denise Conner
  • Dom Sparks
  • Dylan Lob
  • Elijah Barney
  • Emily Ferraro
  • Eric Conner
  • Francisco Yanez
  • Gary Sparks
  • Gavin Fluegge
  • Haley Veturis
  • Jack Robbins
  • Jeff Barney
  • Jen Lesher
  • Jennifer Turner
  • Jimmy Williams
  • Joanna Segelson
  • John Bell
  • John Ladd
  • Jonathan Damen
  • Josh Segelson
  • Josh Wrigley
  • Julia Dillon
  • Katy Roper
  • Keith Wieczorek
  • Kerrie Higgins
  • Kevin Roberts
  • Kyle
  • Laura Reed
  • Lauren Levine
  • Linzy Warkentin
  • Marisa O’Neil
  • Matt Andersen
  • Michael Bemis
  • Miranda Sparks
  • Nathan Hintz
  • Pat O’Neill
  • Paul Reder
  • Ralph Jacildo
  • Riley Fluegge
  • Ro Sistoso
  • Rody Delamarre
  • Sarah Cruz
  • Shane Mieke
  • Susan Conner
  • Tawnie Savage
  • Travis Everhart

  • Abby Klapperich
  • Adam Rajper
  • Allen Goddard
  • Angela Olivera
  • Ben Reed
  • Bill Hume
  • Blair Young
  • Brenda Ignacio
  • Brendan McGillicuddy
  • Brian Barragan
  • Cherise Shivley
  • Christine Blanchard
  • Cole Pinder
  • Colleen Mountain
  • Dan Higuera
  • Dan Sparks
  • Dana Brendenkamp
  • Dani Frost
  • David Reed
  • Devin Christy
  • Eric McBride
  • Estella Sinsuan
  • Genny Segura
  • Hank Sprinkle
  • Ian Munro
  • Jeni
  • Jerry Ray
  • Jiri Dlab
  • John Pennington
  • Jonatha Perez
  • Justin VanLeeuwen
  • Kacee Lehman
  • Keith Williams
  • Kelly Temes
  • Kim Frost
  • Lenka Dlab
  • Marc Haines
  • Mark Melberg
  • Matt Valbuena
  • Mike Ferraro
  • Natasha Dillon
  • Nawaz Mohammad
  • Noah Barney
  • Noah Hambayi
  • Paulie Rogers
  • Peaches
  • Rico Gonzalez
  • Robbie Nakata
  • Robert Buchanan
  • Robert Lewis
  • Rudy Mendoza
  • Ryan Lang
  • Sahar Makhmoor
  • Shaune San Jose
  • Stephen Myers
  • Tom Restelli
  • Zeus Olivera



+1 Point – Open Registration: Every member on your team that is registered for the Open will earn the team one point even before the competition begins. Be sure to sign up at the link below, and select the CrossFit Reform team and affiliate. There are Rx and Scaled versions of each WOD that come out, so all can sign up.


Sign-up here


+1 Point – Attendance: Every member of the team that completes an Open WOD at CrossFit Reform will earn one point for their team, regardless of modified level they perform. Repeated efforts of the same WOD do not count as extra points. THE WINNING TEAMS TYPICALLY HAVE THE GREATEST ATTENDANCE, NOT THE BEST ATHLETES.


Noah Open


+1 Point – Top 3: Each male and female that places in the Top 3 Rx & Scaled Division will earn an extra point for their team. WOD must be judged and they must be signed up for the Open and post scores in time to qualify. We will pull this info straight from the Games site.


+5 Points (team) – SPIRIT: The team with the most noise, pride, support and PRESENCE each week will receive 5 bonus points. This will be voted upon by the staff each week. NOTE: This involves support throughout our whole community, not just your team. Sabotaging or affecting other teams’ efforts will not be permitted.


Ralphing Group Photo


+5 Points (bonus) – 6th Event: Bowling Community Gathering. To finish off the Open we will have a fun Bowling Community Gathering like last year. The date is Saturday April 1st, and will be held at Saddleback Lanes in Mission Viejo.


After the bowling event the team with the most points will win a raffle, with prizes like a free month membership, personal training sessions, apparel, and snacks.



Every Thursday at 5pm, starting Feb. 23rd, CrossFit HQ will announce the Open WOD and have Games athletes perform the WOD immediately. We will have that WOD programmed as our class WOD all day Friday, along with our special “Friday Night Lights” during afternoon classes. This will be the best time to attend and participate if possible.


If not able to perform them on Friday, you will have an option to make it up on Sunday or Monday at Open Gym times. Sunday Open Gym is 10-11:30am and Monday Open Gym is 10:30am-noon.  Due to equipment, class size, and judging we will ask not to perform the Open WODs during class times other than Fridays.


Jiri Open