2017 Intramural Open Winners

Team Keith Jersey Shore

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Our 2017 Intramural Open is officially over, and we would like to congratulate the members of Team Keith, aka “50 Shades of Whey,” as the winners.  It was a hard fought battle all the way through, but Team Keith’s consistent attendance is what helped push them through the finish line.


The Open season is arguably the most fun time of the year, and that is because of our awesome community.  Everyone stepped out of their comfort zones, and we are proud of all of you for your individual achievements.  We had 71 members officially sign up for the Open, and had some awesome performances throughout the gym.  All of the teams gave great efforts the past 6 weeks, and our overall community has grown stronger together.


In the meantime, we highly recommend attending the CALIFORNIA REGIONAL, where the top 40 athletes and teams will compete for a spot at the CrossFit Games.  Regionals is held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds May 26-28th.  Click the link to get more info on tickets.


Bowling Group

Final Team Standings


Team Keith aka “50 Shades of Whey” – 259

Team Jen aka “Jenbacca and the EWODs” – 241

Team Paulie aka “AMRAPper’s Delight” – 232


“50 Shades of Whey” Prizes & Winners:


Free Month:

Cura H.


Personal Training Session:

Dave N.

Pat O.

Linzy W.



Tony S.

Julia D.

Cole C.

Laura R.

Jeff P.

Kyle C.

Susan C.

Kevin R.

Brittany M.

Dane S.


1 Fridge Item or Snack:

Dylan L.

Sarah C.

Francisco Y.

Travis E.

Keith W.

Ralph J.

Marisa O.

Jack R.

Denise C.

Elijah B.

Mike B.

Shie A.

Kerrie H.

Katy R.

Dom S.

Jeff B.

Gary S.

Riley F.

Shane M.

Jen L.

Haley V.

Rowena S.

John B.

Josh S.

Matt A.

Tawnie S.

Candace W.

Joanna S.

Jonathan D.

Brent A.

Josh W.

Jimmy W.


*All winners must redeem prize by the end of April*

*Fridge/Snack and T-shirt winners may write on purchase sheet with “PRIZE” in price category*