2016 Shed & Shred Challenge WINNER!!!

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For the whole month of May we had 30 members commit themselves to our 3rd annual Shed & Shred Challenge.  The Shed & Shred Challenge is 30-day nutrition challenge focusing on quality and balance of food for optimum health and performance.


Prior to the challenge we lectured on food and it’s effects on the body.  We also lectured about the Paleo, Zone and Whole 30 diets, and how to best incorporate them into a daily lifestyle.  Participants could choose which avenue they felt would be best for them over the course of the 30 days.  We performed body composition tests, via Hydrostatic Weighing, at the beginning and end of the challenge to gauge true changes within the body.  We feel this is the most effective way to gauge results, instead of using a scale.


We saw some awesome results all around, and are very proud of everyone that made some great and lasting changes.  The main goal of the challenge was not to win the grand prize, but rather to learn how performance, health, and body composition can improve with the right decisions.  That being said, the grand prize for our challenge winner is a free month’s dues ($185 value).  The winner is the participant with the greatest change of body composition (percent of percent change).  We would like to congratulate our 2016 Shed & Shred Challenge winner……….






Devin has been hyper committed to improving all aspects of his health and fitness since he joined CrossFit Reform 9 months ago.  He has kept it simple: he makes sure he shows up at the gym 5x a week, eats what he should eat, stays away from what he shouldn’t eat, and listens to his body.  He has made his health a priority from day one, and has improved drastically over that time.


Devin old
Devin 2 months into CrossFit


Prior to the challenge Devin had already lost 35lbs. in his 1st 8 months with us, and lost 5 pounds over the course of the last 30 days.  The much more interesting fact is that the exchange inside his body was much better than that.  He actually lost 8lbs. of fat and gained 3lbs. of muscle, while going from 23% body fat to 19%!  He had an 11lb. exchange in the right direction, with only showing 5lbs. on the scale.  This is why you should PUT THE SCALE AWAY!  It will only skew your understanding of what is truly going on inside your body.


Congratulations Devin, you’ve earned it!